Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

Executive Boards

Our journey toward a sustainable and inspiring company has taught us to become an individual who always upholds the noble values. This is also reflected by the great personalities and wisdom embodied within our executive boards.


We consistently upholding norms, ethics and shared commitment to secure company's reputation.


We provide high quality product & services that are satisfying to our customer, contributing to the development of Indonesia's automotive industry as well as nurturing our long-term company sustainability.


We respect others, optimize each capabilities and diversities through individual development for best performance and realize mutual trust


We act with full sense of ownership, taking responsibility to make best effort as much as possible to realize best possible outcomes.



We execute breakthrough ideas and unique activities in managing changes and realizing transformation to increase the company's competitiveness.

Team Work

We help each other while carrying out our own responsibilities to strenghthen the power of th team, esablish synergy through integrated process chain and tie sound relationships with stakeholders to achieve mutual success.

Assertiveness Or Bad News First

We have the courage to report bad news promptly, with sufficient facts and data to be able to take quick and accurate measures.