Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

Toyota Indonesia is represented by two subsidiary companies, PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) and PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM). As the subsidiaries of Toyota Motor Corporation, TMMIN acts as a manufacturer and exporter of Toyota products and vehicle components, while TAM acts as the brand holder agent, importer, and distributor of Toyota products.

PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN)

For more than four decades, TMMIN has an important role in the development of automotive industry
in Indonesia as well as providing employment opportunities in its supporting industry.
Currently, TMMIN has five production plants which has been operating in Sunter & Karawang.

Company name TMMIN TAM
Business Area

Vehicles & Component Production

Vehicle & Component Export

Vehicles Distribution

Service Part Distribution

Share Holder

Toyota Motor Corporation

Astra International

Astra International

Toyota Motor Corporation

President Commissioner

Yoshihiro Nakata

Bambang Widjanarko Santoso

President Director

Warih Andang Tjahjono

Susumu Matsuda

*as February 2020


TMMIN Vehicles Production

Vehicles Production


TMMIN Engine Production

Engine Production


TMMIN Total Employee



2019 Sustainability Report

Toyota Indonesia continuously reviews the reporting content in order to maintain its relevance and ensures that the sustainability report contains recent data and information on the issues submitted.

Toyota Indonesia Sustainability Report 2019 delivers the information of Toyota Indonesia’s performance
in the aspects of sustainability from the period of January 1 to December 31, 2018.
This report is the third sustainability report published by Toyota Indonesia and in the future,
Toyota Indonesia is committed to publish similar report every year.
The report is in line and a continuation of Sustainability Report 2018 issued in April 2018.


Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) has successfully become a world class manufacturing company which is based in Indonesia.

TMMIN Export Destination

Toyota export CBU, Component, Service Part Tools to more than